The Sheriff’s Office Administration has several components, including the offices of the Sheriff and the Undersheriff.  It also includes the Sheriff's Confidential Secretary/Civil Supervisor - (585) 590-4137.
The business office consists of a Senior Civil Clerk (1), Civil Clerk Clerical & Receptionist (1), and Civil Clerk Clerical (1).  In addition to Civil Process (see below), the office staff is responsible for Fiscal Management, Incident & Criminal/Arrest Records Maintenance, Personnel & Payroll Records, Alternatives to Incarceration Program and Community Service.  Also under the umbrella of Administration is Sex Offender Management, Evidence & Property Control, County Court/Grand Jury Attendants, and Animal Control & the County Animal Shelter.  The Shelter is located at 4125 Oak Orchard Rd. (State Route 98), in the Town of Barre.  

An integral component of Administration is the Civil Division, which is responsible for the processing of a wide variety of Court Orders, Income & Property Executions, Summons' & Subpoenas, Orders of Protection, Notices & Warrants of Eviction, and other civil actions. Hundreds of civil papers are processed through the Sheriff's Office annually. The process is usually completed by personal service upon respondent(s) by Road Patrol personnel. Civil Process Service is the responsibility of the Sheriff's Office throughout the entire county and is constitutionally mandated by the State of New York. Each year, Civil Process Service generates thousands of dollars in revenue for the county.
For Civil Division Fee Scale Information - contact (585) 590-4139 or (585) 590-4142
The civilian employees who are assigned to Administration provide invaluable support services to the Sheriff's Office.  

Release of Evidence/Property

Evidence seized in a criminal matter must be held until the case is disposed of in court. Firearms or other weapons used in the commission of a crime will ultimately be destroyed. Property seized or surrendered incidental to a court order must be held until the order is vacated & the court authorizes it's release. Property, regardless of it's nature, will only be released during business hours (Monday thru Friday - 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.) and By Appointment Only. To make arrangements for release of property, call (585) 590-4142. 

Criminal History Record Review

The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services provides individuals with the opportunity to obtain and review their own criminal history record for the purpose of challenging the accuracy and completeness of that record.
Individuals may also request a copy of their own criminal history for personal use. If no record exists, a statement to that effect will be provided. To obtain a copy of your own criminal history record - contact:
Record Review Unit
NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services
80 South Swan Street
Albany, New York 12210
(518) 485-7675