Underage Drinking TIPLINE 

"You know you care…make the call". Concerned adults, teachers, students and friends now have a number to call 24 hours a day, to report planned underage drinking parties; underage drinking parties taking place or other activities that may be harmful to the health, safety and welfare of young people. 
(585) 343-1932 

Reporting an Environmental Problem

To report an environmental violation - call 1-800-TIPP DEC (1-800-847-7332) and your identity will be kept confidential 
To report a chemical or oil spill - call the DEC 24 Hour Spill Hotline 1-800-457-7362 (within NY State) or (518) 457-7362 (outside NY State) 
To report other environmental problems, contact the DEC regional office that serves that county



Orleans County Sheriff's Office

Contact Telephone 
All Emergencies in Orleans County 911 
Sheriff's 24-Hour Communications (Non-Emergency Calls) (585) 589-5527 
Sheriff's Business Office (Weekdays 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.) (585) 590-4142 

If you have information regarding an investigation or criminal activity, you can provide that information anonymously to the Orleans County Sheriff's Office using the link below. ThankYou for taking the time to submit valuable information to the Sheriff's Office. Please provide as much information as possible so it can be processed quickly and efficiently. 
*The anonymous tip line is NOT an emergency hotline and is NOT monitored twenty-four hours a day* 
*If your information is of an emergency nature, please call 911 or alert a Law Enforcement Officer.* 
*If you want to be contacted regarding your tip, please leave your name, e-mail address or phone number with your tip.*