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Pistol Permits

The Orleans County Clerk is pleased and excited to be using the GunKeeper II Pistol Permit Plasticard System. It is fast and easy to create a plastic pistol permit as well as add or remove weapons from your permit. They fit in ones wallet like a credit card and remain durable for years, unlike those created in the “paper permit era”. The cost in obtaining a pistol permit from the County Clerk is $15.00. 

Pistol Permit Applications can be obtained by visiting the Orleans County Courthouse which is located just north of the County Clerk’s Building. The cost of the Application is $5.00 and attached to the applications are the instructions on how to proceed. You must be at least 21 years of age apply for a permit. 

In addition to your completed application, you will be asked to submit four character references and two, identical photos, which are taken by the County Clerk for a fee of $10.00. You will be asked to sign a mental health waiver and to attend a gun safety training course which is given by the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department. 

Lastly, you must provide your fingerprints. Effective January 1, 2010, the State requires all prints to be submitted electronically to the NYSDCJS. You will be provided with a list of L1 Identity Solutions locations including those in Medina, Batavia, Rochester and Buffalo. Appointments can be made by phone or on-line. The cost of fingerprinting is $106.00. Payment can be made with a business check, personal check or money order. If you schedule your appointment on-line or by phone, payment can be made with a debit or credit card. Please be sure to submit your receipt with your pistol permit application. 

Once all of the above requirements have been met, the application is reviewed by the Orleans County Sheriff who then forwards the application to the Judge in the Orleans County Supreme Court. If approved, you will be notified by mail. This process generally takes approximately six to eight weeks. 

Once approved, you will be instructed to purchase your handgun within a certain period of time and completion of your application can then take place. You will be instructed to bring your paid receipt to the Pistol Permit Clerk at the Orleans County Courthouse Building. 

All pistol permit holders will be required to switch over to the plastic card whenever any amendment is performed. Anyone wishing to switch over to the plastic permit may do so at a cost of $15.00. 

Please feel free to contact Bambi at 585-589-4457 with any questions and prior to making a trip to the Courthouse