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Criminal Investigations

Investigative Services consists of four Criminal Investigators, one of whom is assigned full-time to the Orleans County Major Felony Crimes Task Force, an enforcement unit of the Orleans County District Attorney's Office. Another investigator also functions as a Juvenile Aid Officer.

Investigative personnel follow up on criminal cases developed by the uniform force. These include, but are not limited to homicide, robbery, burglary, arson, assault, sexual assault, narcotics, and crimes against children including child abuse & neglect cases.

There is always an “on-call” investigator available to respond to crime scenes and serious incidents including motor vehicle accidents involving life threatening injuries or fatalities.

Sheriff's Investigators also work hand-in-hand with the County's Fire Investigation Team. These individuals offer their time & expertise and are affiliated with various fire departments throughout the county. They volunteer hundreds of hours yearly investigating fires, in addition to the numerous hours they serve within their own departments where they are all very active. These team members also assist in providing information about topics such as fire behavior, arson awareness, scene preservation, and fire prevention.

If you have information about a crime, you are encouraged to contact the Sheriff's Office.