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County Agricultural District
Planning and Development

The Planning and Development Department is broadly charged with preparing plans, programs and recommendations to assist the Legislature in formulating policy on land use and development, economic development, natural resources and environment and county government operations.
Under land use and development, the department assists the County Planning Board in its mandatory review of local zoning actions, averaging sixty per year; prepares agricultural district and public water extension reports for the County Agriculture & Farmland Protection Board; provides community planning assistance to local boards; maintains census data, maps and other information for public use; and maintains a computerized Geographic Information System.

The department works closely with the Legislature office, assisting county government operations in several ways including: coordination of the three year capital improvement plan, grant writing and administration, curbside waste and recycling collection bidding, and special projects as directed by the Legislature.

The department is the official County Tourist Promotion Agency, and the Director serves as manager of the Orleans County Marine Park, a public boating and picnic facility on the Oak Orchard River

Wayne Hale, Jr., Director
14016 Route 31 West
Albion, New York 14411
Phone: (585) 589-3187
Fax: (585) 589-8105
E-Mail: whale@orleansny.com

James Bensley, Senior Planner
14016 Route 31 West
Albion, New York 14411
Phone: (585) 589-3189
Fax: (585) 589-8105
E-Mail: jbensley@orleansny.com