Some of the main objectives of the County Board:

  • To provide all citizens the opportunity to register to vote.  It is the responsibility of the Board to ensure the integrity of the voter registration process and to assure that all eligible, registered voters appear in election day poll records.  
  • To provide pertinent information and documents to persons running for elective office.  
  • To conduct all Federal, State, County and Town elections in an honest, fair manner in accordance with the New York State Election Law.  

Board Membership and Duties:

  • The Board’s operations and procedures are supervised by two Election Commissioners, each one representing one of the two major political parties in New York State.  New York State Election Law requires an equal representation of the two major political parties in the appointment of all Board personnel. The Commissioners select and appoint deputies, office personnel, voting machine technicians and election inspectors.
    Assistance Provided to Voters and the General Public:
  • Provide registration forms and assistance to persons eligible to vote. Lend assurance that a voter’s registration will be processed timely and their name will appear in poll ledgers on election day.
  • Issue absentee ballots to overseas voters, military voters, disabled voters, and voters absent from the county on election day. 
  • For each election, bi-partisan office staff deliver absentee ballots to voters residing in nursing homes and assisted living centers within the county, and are available to assist the voter, upon their request.
  • Train election inspectors on the proper procedures to assist voters at the polls on election day.  Inspectors are trained to oversee the opening, operation and closing of the voting machine, to verify election results at the close of polls, and to complete the proper paperwork as required by NYS election law.  Training of election inspectors is required annually.
  • Provide assistance and information to candidates seeking election to public office or party positions, including proper forms to run for office, information on federal guidelines concerning candidate eligibility, compliance with NYS campaign finance laws in reporting campaign activity , etc.
  • The Election Commissioners review and determine the validity of party petitions and pertinent documents filed with the local Board.  The Board then certifies a final list of candidates who will appear on  each ballot, as well as certify any proposed propositions to be voted upon by the county or town voters. 
  • Our two voting machine technicians, each one representing the two major political parties, initially program the ballots that voters will vote and scan on election day.  After the programming process, the ballot layouts are proofed by the technicians, as well as board members, prior to sending the layout to the printing vendor.  The final ballots received back from the vendor are then tested on the voting machines. The voting machines are open to inspection by the candidates prior to the machines being delivered to the polling sites.
  • After election day, the Commissioners oversee the re-canvassing process.  This process includes an audit of voting machines used in the election plus the tallying of all absentee and affidavit ballots.  Final election results for Federal and State candidates must be certified to the State Board of Elections.  Final election results for County candidates must be certified to the Secretary of State. 
  • Provide voter information to Village Clerks, School District Clerks and Fire District Clerks, for use in their respective elections.
  • Compile numerous statistical surveys regarding local Board activity throughout the year and submit annually to the State Board of Elections in Albany, NY. 

    The Board of Elections Office is open to serve the public Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, with the exception of the months of July and August when summer hours are 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.  The office is located at The Villages, 14012 State Route 31, Albion, NY.  The phone number is 585-589-3274.

    Kathy Case - Election Commissioner 
    14012 Route 31 West 
    Albion, NY 14411 
    Phone: (585) 589-3274 Fax: (585) 589-2771 

    Janice Grabowski - Election Commissioner 
    14012 Route 31 West 
    Albion, NY 14411 
    Phone: (585) 589-3274 Fax: (585) 589-2771